What is it?

There are several ways to have your eyebrows applied. Powder: Solid, filled in eyebrows in either a soft or darker color. Hair strokes: With a darker color over a very soft base color. Bold hair strokes: Either light or dark without a base color. Medium hair strokes: Either light or dark, with or without a base color.


Why should I have this procedure?

Your eyebrows are the frame of your face. If you have sparse hair, asymmetrical features, physical disabilities, play sports, have a visual impairment, or just want to look your best all day and night, then Eyebrow Hair Simulation is for you.


3D Micro Blading Hair Strokes

Powder Fill

Price includes design, custom color, the initial procedure, and a 6 week color refresher.

Alopecia: What is it?

Alopecia Areata is baldness in spots and Alopecia Totalis is total hair loss. Macrophages (the body’s white blood cells) attack the cells in the hair follicles. Sometimes, the hair can regrow because the stem cells are not besieged by the macrophages. There is usually some reason for an outbreak; be it stress, a virus, a severe illness, or certain hormonal disorders.


Why should I have this procedure?

Many individuals that lack natural eyebrows, or eye lashes, have had this procedure performed to help provide them with facial features that represents wholeness. Others have had pointillism with tiny hair strokes performed in areas of the scalp that is thinning, bald, or to disguise a surface scar. Both of these procedures have benefited men, women and children.

Before + After Case Studies


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